Make or Break. What Makes a Good Advertising?

Published: 18th September 2008
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There are thousands of advertisement flying from television to radio to billboards and online. Which then is the most effective? There would only be few to be named. Some just flew, without being noticed, some stayed for good and some lasted as good memories. For businesses to get noticed, the use of the ad is one of it strategies to stand out. Either the ad will give fame or taint, it depends on how it is presented and how the consumer perceives it to be.

Advertising can either make a business or simply break it.

With influx the Internet, it paved way for business to reach a wider and more vast market. Almost all businesses from small scaled to big companies advertise online to get the most market for their products. The competition is very slim tough to get more attention, the ad must hit the reader.


What makes good advertising then?

A good advertisement alters the customers relationship with what is being advertised. To get the customers affection, the ad must make them think and look at the product in a new and different way. The best ads has the quality to change the mind of the reader , whether to persuade him to choose a certain candidate or simply switch to a different brand of shampoo. This gives opportunities for audience to be educated, opening their minds for possibilities to entertain new innovation, new products and services. Advertising that educates audiences can show the advantages of a new product.


Aside from changing costumers relationship with the product, a good ad tells the consumers "why." A good ad is clear in conveying the message to the consumers. The best result of it yields when the ad demonstrates a benefit that is considered to be interesting and catchy by the target consumers.

An ad that sets a real scenario gets more audience than those who don't. Audience easily identifies themselves by putting themselves in the same scenario. By identifying themselves with it, they reflect on thee advantages and benefit s that they may get from it. While some ad's inability to present the same kind, they must at least offer reasonable solutions to meet the demands of the target audience.


The gist is that marketing exist in support of sales. If the advertising is not producing a sale, it is a failure.

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